Why Montana Educators’ Credit Union?

You want to do business with Montana Educators’ for the same reason you like to eat at locally owned restaurants or shop at locally owned stores. Our roots are right here in this area. Yep, we’re locally owned by the very people who do business with us, our members and we make our decisions locally right here at the credit union.

Some places have local branches. We have local roots.

Sure we’re small, but that doesn’t mean we can't provide you with the financial services you expect and need--mobile banking, debit cards, credit cards, auto loans, etc. And being small allows us to do one very special thing—know the people we are serving. Yes, real people answer the phone and handle the issues, whether is transferring funds or understanding your credit history in order to finance a car.

And don’t be fooled by our name. While we were started as a school employees’ credit union in 1996, we can serve all Missoula County residents as well as current or retired school employees in Granite, Mineral and Sanders Counties and their families.

Please consider becoming part of Montana Educators’ Credit Union. Why?

Because We Have Local Roots