Montana Medical Care Savings Accounts (MSA)

The end of the year is coming quickly! 

Have you completed all your 2016 MSA transactions?  


Credit Union closure for the Christmas Holiday: December 26, 2016

You still have till the last business day of the year to make any final MSA transactions. We respectfully request that our members make their transactions by December 23, 2016 to ease the year-end rush.

Are you paying more out of pocket medical expenses than in the past years, and don’t have a Montana Medical Care Savings Account

If you don’t currently have a MSA, now is a great time to consider opening one!

Opening a MSA is quick and easy! Stop by Montana Educators’ Credit Union, and we will be happy to assist you!


  • You can collect all of your out of pocket medical expensed for the year, open your MSA, make a deposit and then immediately withdrawal the funds before the last business day of the year.
  • Montana residents can contribute individually up to $3,000.00 per year to their MSA, and exclude the contribution amount from taxable income on their state tax returns.
  • The funds can be withdrawn for eligible medical expenses as defined in the IRS 502 Publication: 

“Medical and Dental Expenses.”

  • The MSA is not a “use it or lose it” program, and you are not locked into monthly contributions. 
  • MSA can benefit those who do not participate in a Flexible Spending Plan or when there are unexpected medical bills. 
  • MSA is an excellent planning tool when considering larger expenses such as orthodontics or medical procedures. 

Join Montana Educators' Credit Union

Join Montana Educators' Credit Union

Who Can Join

  • All residents of Missoula County
  • Current or retired school employees and board members (including immediate family members) who work within the following counties:

· Sanders County

· Mineral County 

· Granite County

  • Current or retired school employees, board members (including immediate family members) of the Florence-Carlton School District No. 15

We know who our members are and we work hard to provide them with a great banking experience, because at Montana Educators’ Credit Union, everything we do, we do for you!

For further information or to join, please contact us at: 

(406) 728-1034 - Direct Line
(406)721-6125 - Fax

Branch Location
2000 S. Russell St., Suite 1
Missoula, MT  59806

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The Credit Union will be closed Monday, December 26th for the Christmas Holiday!


We wish you a wonderful Christmas Season! 

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