MECU is converting to MasterCard chip debit cards in April, so members will receive a new card with a totally new number by April 10th.A new PIN will be mailed a few days before the card and members need to have both in order to activate the new card.The old card will not work after May 20, 2018, so be sure to activate your new MasterCard debit card ASAP.Also, you will need to give the new number to any business that takes a payment using your current debit card number.

Many are worried that the MasterCard debit card will not work at Costco.Rest assured Costco will accept your MECU MasterCard debit card—it is only credit cards that have to be Visa.

Also, there will be a new app for your smartphone called CardNav that will allow you to control your debit card in real time.CardNav basically allows you to turn the card on and off, set location controls, alert you to transactions by type, by merchant type and transaction amount plus more.Instead of using your phone to call the credit union for an increase or travel exclusion, you can use it to set the card controls yourself!More information will be sent out in April explaining how to use CardNav.